Wax Removal


Microsuction is the preferred method in wax removal for many audiologists. Microsuction is the process of removing wax from ears by using a small suction tube and probe to gently remove any excess wax in the ear.

Rather than having to push anything into the ear canal, microsuction uses very gentle medical suction to remove ear wax with pinpoint accuracy. With instantaneous results, your patients will notice the relief from clogged up ears.

Our comprehensive selection of microsuction products range from high-quality surgical suction units to disposable ear specula.


When compared to the antiquated and often painful wax removal technique of syringing, irrigation is a significantly safer and effective, yet time efficient, procedure to perform.

Ear irrigation can either be performed manually or with an electronic irrigation machine. Irrigation is safer as it uses a controlled flow of water. The use of saline solution ensures that the ear is washed completely clean.

Our wide selection of ear irrigation products ranges from advanced cerumen management systems to noots tanks.


“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Our ears are very delicate. It is imperative to use the correct and effective products to treat earwax removal. Available with a wide range of tips to suit many applications, our curettes are a must have product for any wax removal specialist.

With our extensive collection of wax removal instruments, you can be sure that your patients receive a professional, routine and safe procedure.


As a multi-award winning provider for ‘Equipment & Accessories’, we understand what the necessities are for audiologists in every field — including wax removal.

From earwax softening sprays to wireless video otoscopes, we have hand-picked all the essential accessories involving wax removal for audiologists.