Hearing & Tinnitus

Puretone provides an extensive selection of products designed to address both hearing impairment and tinnitus. Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from a diverse array of in-ear and portable solutions specifically crafted to assist in managing tinnitus effects to cutting-edge wireless hearing systems featuring wireless streaming and binaural synchronisation.

Puretone Innovation

A great hearing aid isn’t just about sound – but also ensuring that any hearing solution fits seamlessly into your client’s life. We believe life is for living, which is why the Innovation range offers incredible sound quality, seamless connectivity and a powerful rechargeable option with lightning-fast recharge times.


The Sueno tinnitus therapy range are sleek and compact tinnitus therapy devices that harness the innovative, cutting-edge Cosma chip technology developed by Audifon. Sueno was designed with user comfort in mind, featuring an easy to use rocker switch and nanoShield hydrophobic technology for enhanced water repellency. The Sueno range includes three therapeutic sounds to relieve the user of tinnitus, these include white, pink and wave noises.

Sound Oasis Tinnitus

Clinically proven tinnitus, sleep, and relaxation sounds from world renowned doctors along with the ability to create your own custom sound cards. Industry leading tinnitus and sleep therapy with 288 sounds, Bluetooth streaming, frequency adjustment and an array of clock/radio conveniences.