13A UK Open Ended Power Supply (3m)

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13 amp rated UK (BS 1363) open ended (rewireable) power cable, this 3 metre long black PVC cable is rated to 13A at 240V with an overall voltage rating of 240V AC.

High quality and durable 3 core mains rated power cable fitted with a  UK (BS 1363) connector at one end and has bare conductors at the other. The BS 1363 connector is fitted with a 13A fuse. This power cable also features an integrated strain relief that provides additional protection & support to the connector and helps to prevent damage being caused by excessive bending.

Technical Specifications
Cable colour: Black
Cable length: 3m (9.9ft)
Cable rating: 13A at 240V
Voltage rating: 240V AC
Connection 1: UK (BS 1363)
Connection 2: Bare ends

MPN: PE01027