Sound Oasis Bluetooth System & Sound Pillow Bundle

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Sleep better with any one of 10 built-in sounds or stream via Bluetooth from your mobile device or computer. Perfect for improving sleep, blocking noise, and managing tinnitus.

The Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System has 20 made for sleep sounds pre recorded onto a Micro SD card. These are: Pink Noise, Soft Pink Noise with Delta, Pink Noise with Delta, Soft White Noise, Brown Noise, Ocean Surf, Thunder and Rain, Steady Rain, Rocky Mountain Stream, Gentle Surf, Ocean and crickets, Heartbeat, Woodlands, Jet Interior, Natural White Noise, Maui Surf, Summer Night, Ocean Surf with White Noise, Rain with White Noise, Hawaiian Dream

Product Features:

Powered by built-in rechargeable battery for wireless freedom or from USB.
30’/10 m Bluetooth wireless range
Exceptional big bass sound
Super compact size (6.6cm tall/6.35cm in diameter)
Perfect for use at home or while travelling.


The Sound Pillow looks and feels just like a normal pillow, but with built-in stereo speakers so that the sound from the bedside sound generator can be discreet and intimate.
The Sound Pillow is fitted with a cable for plugging into the Sound Oasis Sound Generator, a personal stereo or cloak radio. Sound Oasis available separately.

Sound Pillows are non returnable.