Panasonic AAA Batteries (4 Pack)

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Great price versus quality ratio
The Panasonic’s Alkaline Power AAA batteries can be used in a wide range of applications, especially in low drain devices demanding reliable and long-lasting power, such as scales, remote controls, clocks, etc.

In ordinary batteries, contact resistance on the battery poles can boost and cause the peeling off of the nickel layer which leads to failure of the battery. But there is a solution: the Triple Tough Coating which alloys an iron/nickelplated on the positive and negative terminals of these batteries. The result is an longer life and enhanced energy flow. Safe storing for up to 7 years

Everyone can depend on the Panasonic ALKALINE Power AAA batteries to keep high power performance after storing your batteries for a long period. Thanks to the high-quality materials degradation is prevented and the chance of leakage is decreased by the presence of an Anti-Leak Protection. This ensures long-life stability before using the batteries.

Unique gas-suppression technology for anti-leakage
The ALKALINE POWER AAA batteries are provided with an advanced Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses the building up of gas when batteries are over-discharged or stored for long periods. The lesser the pressure, the lesser the chance of structural failure and rupture. This even protects important appliances from damage.

Size: AAA
Technology: Alkaline
Voltage: 1,5V
Diameter: 10,5 mm
Weight: 10,8 g
Shelf Life: 7 years

Type AAA batteries supplied in packs of 4.