Mikrozid Wipes Greenline (1 Pack of 114 Wipes)

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Alcohol-based rapid cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and surfaces when short contact times are required and where a material friendly disinfectant is needed, e.g.:
• Patient treatment units
• Examination couches
• Operating tables and nearby work surfaces
• Digital displays
• Surfaces of medical equipment
• Keyboards or touch pads of sensitive equipment

Key Features:
• 100% plastic-free wipes
• Sustainable and climate-neutral
• Unique low alcohol formulation – blend of two alcohols
• Dual action – cleaning and disinfection with one product
• Effective against enveloped viruses
• Added surfactants for outstanding cleaning
• Compatible with a wide range of materials including: leatherette, tablets & displays
• Effective against bacteria within 1 minute contact time (EN16615 4-field test)
• Dermatologically tested

Instructions For Use:
Thoroughly wipe the surface with the impregnanted wipe and allow to take effect. Make sure to wet surfaces completely and keep them wet for the whole exposure time. Make sure that all visible dirt is removed prior to disinfection. When opening the softpack, make sure that hygiene requirements are maintained. Make sure to close the lid tightly after use. Not suitable for the disinfection of invasive medical devices. Schülke guarantees a shelf life of 1 month after the package has been opened.

100 g solution contains the following active substances: 17,4 g Propan-2-ol, 12,6 g Ethanol (94 % w/w). Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: < 5% anionic surfactants