BTE Hearing Aid Retainer – Kids

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This kids BTE hearing aid retainer prevents hearing aid loss & damage by securing a child’s BTE hearing aids to their shirt collar, perfect for young children or those prone to losing their hearing aids.

The retainer features a child friendly, yellow nylon cord, with an easy-close metal latching clip at one end, and a pair of specially designed silicone bands at the other. The silicone bands fit firmly around the body of a child’s hearing aids, providing a secure tether between them and their hearing aids, preventing loss, and minimising the risk of damage from drops.

The retention device is comfortable for use all day long thanks to its unobtrusive, silicone band, and its adjustable cord fastener which prevents tangling and avoids the cord from getting in the child’s way. It features a high quality, child friendly design and can secure either 1 or 2 hearing aids.

Please Note
If used for a single hearing aid, the second cord can be easily removed with scissors by cutting as shown in the image below.

Key Features
• High quality, child friendly design
• Comfortable to wear all day long
• Prevents hearing aid loss & damage
• Durable cord & robust metal clip

Technical Specifications
Cord material: nylon
Cord length: 35cm
Colour: yellow

MPC: 0205035-001