Guardian Ear Canal Wicks Orange 6cm (50 Pack)

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Introducing the Guardian Ear Canal Wicks 6cm Length! These essential wicks are designed to efficiently dry the ear canal following ear syringing procedures. Packed conveniently in a dispenser of 50 wicks, they provide a reliable solution for professionals.

Crafted from a soft and super absorbent material, these wicks guarantee quick and effective drying. With their vibrant orange colour, they are easily visible, ensuring hassle-free handling. Measuring 6cm in length, they offer optimal coverage for thorough drying and comfort.

The Guardian Ear Canal Wicks are single-use, promoting hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination. Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner or someone seeking post-procedure ear care, these wicks are an indispensable tool. Trust in their quality and reliability to help maintain optimal ear health.

Note: The Guardian Ear Canal Wicks are specifically designed for drying purposes and should not be used for any other medical procedures.