Dino-Lite Pneumatic Digital Microscope

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The pneumatic EarScope is a compact and safe solution for watching the eardrum and the external ear. The MEDL4EP has a 1,3 Megapixel resolution and a magnification of 55 ~ 90x. It comes with a rubber bulb that is squeezed to give a puff of air into the ear canal, which allows the doctor to see how the eardrum moves. This model is delivered with disposable specula of 2,5 and 4 mm (10 each).

  • 1.3 Megapixel resolution
  • Pro model for pneumatic otoscopy
  • 55-90x Magnification
  • Medical Device Class 1

Technical Information

Resolution: 1280x1024pixels(1,3MP)
Magnification: 55x ~ 90x
Working Distance: Standard
Interface: USB 2.0
Nr. of LED’s: 6
LED on/off switchable:  Yes
LED color: White
Material: Composite
Exchangeable caps:       No
Microtouch: Yes
Scroll lock: Yes
Output: Picture, Video, Time-lapsed video
Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 frames-per-second
Measurement: No
Calibration: No
Filter/Diffuser: None
Compatibility: Windows XP onwards |  MacOS see chart
Software: Windows DinoCapture |   MacOS DinoXcope
JPEG Codec: None
Special: Medical Device Class 1

Product Includes:
Microscope, Carry pouch, 10x 2,5 mm specula, 10x 4 mm specula, Software CD, Calibration target, User manual