OtoFloss Hearing Aid Cleaning Threads (100 Pack)

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OtoFloss from Audinell makes it easy to clean & remove debris and moisture from tubing in hearing aids, personal sound amplifiers, and more.

Simply insert & pull OtoFloss through the sound tubes of your devices to clean them – it’s really that simple! Ideal for devices & components where a cleaning brush is not appropriate, such as miniature tubing or highly delicate components. Prevents loss of sound quality while preserving the effectiveness of hearing instruments.

How To Use
1. Remove the sound tube from the hearing instrument, and then from the dome/tip.
2. Insert the rigid end of the OtoFloss into the part of the sound tube that is usually attached to the hearing instrument.
3. Push the OtoFloss through the tube until it comes out the other side.
4. Pull the OtoFloss through the entire tube.

Key Features
Hygienic & single-use
Simple & effective
Travel friendly