Detax Addition Rapid

General-purpose ear impression silicone with colour change for visual setting check, maximum detail reproduction and tear resistance, time in ear just 90 seconds.

Features a see through cartridge with visual level control, colour change indicator from blue to white to show that the setting process is completely finished and the impression can be removed.

Biocompatible, Medical device Class I.

Packaging: 50ml x 8
Impressions: Approx 40
AutoMix: 2
Consistency: Light Bodied
Viscosity: Medium
Flowability: Medium High
Thixotropy: High
Setting: Ultra Fast Set
Set Time: 2:00
Hardness: 30 Shore A
Scanability: ★★★★★

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Pink Mix

General-purpose impression silicone, medium initial consistency for intensified sealing. Excellent cost/performance ratio. High detail reproduction and tear resistance, well retaining its shape and volume.

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Green Eco

High elastic recovery due to an innovative polymer, exceptional tear strength, lasting dimensional stability. Pressure build up: slightly, with” snap set effect” (controlled vulcanisation kinetics in the ear). A-silicone, colour: lime green, final hardness: approx. 40 Shore A, scent: lemon.

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Detax Flextime®

Thermocontrolled vulcanisation characteristics, time in the ear: max. 2:30 minutes, lasting dimensional stability. Bubble-free casting, right after impression taking. Scent: wildberry (putty), A-silicone, colour: violet, final hardness putty: approx. 30 Shore A, final hardness cartridge: approx. 35 Shore A.

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Addition Spectra

Precision impression material that has a light, softcreamy consistency. Completely pressureless impression taking, with ultimative precise detail reproduction. Easy removal and processing. Patient-friendly & bio compatible. A-silicone, low viscosity, time in the ear 2:30 min., final hardness: approx. 39 Shore A.

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Detax Luxaprint® 3D Shell

Light-curing, for 3D printing. For the generative manufacturing of hard ITE shells. Markedly lower viscosity than conventional materials (=> reduced loss of material, easier cleaning). Maximum construction safety, even for finest support structures, due to high initial hardness. Very high mechanical flexural strength and fracture resistance, without being brittle. Accelerated throughput by short light exposure times.

  • Low viscosity and optimized curing depth for time-saving printing processes, low material consumption and fast cleaning
  • Excellent dimensional stability after printing for safe application
  • Printing results are distortion-free and precise, even with delicate constructions
  • High-quality and precisely fitting results

Biocompatible & Bisphenol A free. Medical device Class IIa.

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